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Pictures are the first impression a buyer will have of your home. State of the art, professional photography is standard with every listing. No grainy cell phone pictures on our listings!

Selling a home is creating a story. We help your potential buyers imagine themselves living in their new home with professional staging for every listing.

Digital marketing is not optional. All listings are marketed with a continually monitored plan, designed to respond to the changing market.

This is Ho​w We Do It!

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8 Week Digital marketing plan

Week 0

Campaign Set-up & Pre-Launch Marketing

These pre-launch activities, therefore, are designed to seed the marketplace, optimize for SEO, and position the property for the best possible impression right out of the gate.

Week 1

Campaign Launch

Launch activities build on the Pre-launch phase by “announcing” the property’s availability through a combination of online and offline channels. By using online marketing to connect with consumers and offline marketing to connect with real estate agents, your property gets the necessary exposure to prospective buyers.

Week 2

Campaign Analysis & Improvement

Throughout the campaign cycle, we’ll be checking the data and evaluating whether the message and images are getting the impressions and Click Through Rates (CTR) within the desirable ranges. 

Week 3

Campaign Optimization

During this phase of the campaign, you’ll let the efforts from the previous weeks do their work to get traffic and views. If you decide to host an Open House, preparation and marketing for it will also take place.

Week 4

Campaign Performance

There is a constant ebb and flow of marketing activities that start and end simultaneously. This is intentionally designed so a steady stream of online and offline interest is being generated, while ongoing promotion will make sure your property is getting in front of both consumers and to the agents representing those consumers.

Week 5

Campaign Evaluation & Re-Launch

If there is insufficient interest in the property (lack of traffic & showings, negative feedback on value from people who toured the property), then a price reduction is most likely in order. Research and feedback from the market will give guidance on the price to market the home to sell it within the desired timeframe. Once a new price has been determined, the marketing campaign will be updated and a re-launch will take place.

Week 6

Campaign Analysis & Improvements

Consistent monitoring of data to determine if the message and images are getting the impressions and Click Through Rates (CTR) is important to present the property in the best possible light in the market. Ongoing campaign improvements and seller support are key to getting the home sold.

Week 7

Campaign Optimization

As conducted in week 3 of the campaign, we’ll let the efforts from the previous weeks do their work to get traffic and views. If a decision to host an Open House has been made, preparation and marketing for it will also take place.


Your property is shared across all social media channels for maximum exposure, including paid, targeted advertisements to buyers who are most likely to be interested in your home.


prepare your home for sale

Personal property websites are done for all listings. Paid advertisements direct internet traffic back to this website. The more people who see it, the higher the competition and the higher the price.

Harmony ONline

prepare your home for sale

Your property will be listed on the Harmony Website, which has hundreds of unique visitors every single day!

digital walkthrough

People's home shopping habits are changing. And with so many relocation buyers moving to the Triangle, it's not unusual for homes to be bought sight unseen. We provide an interactive 3D Video Tour (not just a slide show) with every single listing.



Ellen was a huge help to me in taking care of all of the little details of the buying and selling process so that I was not overwhelmed. She listened carefully so that she could offer us the best solutions for our needs. I was extremely impressed with her work in helping us stage our home which we were selling. Because of the attention to detail, we had multiple offers on the home days before we even had a chance to do the open house that we had scheduled for it. 

Nic & Summer Allen 

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