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Ellen was a huge help to us in selling our home. She was reliable and had lots of information to plan the sale of our home. We Were extremely impressed with her staging resources to sell our home which we were selling. It didnt even seem like our home in the pictures and we had high multiple offers on the home right away.

Her list of resources seem to be thoroughly reviewed and vast. All the little details were important to her; where she knew how to fix any overwhelming issues.
When we bought our new home She was available for all issues even up to and after closing. Her carefull attention to details gave us a support system that was always available.

Susan & Al Wilms

Resources for Selling Your Home

Perfect resources for home sellers. (Buying a Home?  See our Resources for Buying a Home here.)

#1.  Find the current Market Value of Your Home.

One of the first things a home seller will have to come to terms with is the fact that neither the homeowner nor the Realtor sets the price of a home.  The Market determines your home’s value.  A good Realtor serves you best when he or she is able to determine what price the market will bear for your home.  A strategic Realtor will know how to get you the highest price the market will allow.  If you want to know what your home is worth today, go to our Market Evaluation page and get started.

#2.  Educate yourself on the Selling Process.

A Realtor’s job is to guide you through the sale process from beginning to end; but, you will always have questions.  The following collection of posts answer the most common questions clients have asked us during the listing process.  The more you know. . .

#3.  Find Good People to do repairs to your home.

HomeKeepr – This is my personal list of vendors and repair people. These are all people I have used, my clients have used or who have been recommended to me by someone I trust. Having said that, I am not personally responsible for these businesses and I can only say that they did good work for me or my client at the time of service.


#4.  More Education. . .

Here are some posts that answer questions many of my sellers have had.  Browse the entire Seller’s Knowledge Base on the blog here.

#5.  Ask for help when you need it.

The most knowledgeable people ask the most questions.  If you need an answer to a Real Estate question, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or contact me through the website.  I am always here to help!  (I don’t have all the answers either, but if I don’t know it, I will certainly find the answer!)

If you want to have a little bit of fun, try the “Are you smarter than a Realtor Quiz”!