Living in Raleigh NC

Are you wondering what Living in Raleigh NC is like? Or did you just move to the area and you're still figuring out how things work when you're living in Raleigh? You'll find everything you need to know here, in my living in Raleigh NC guide!

Living in Raleigh, NC - Having Fun

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Living in Raleigh, NC - Essentials

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Living in Raleigh, NC - Making it Home

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Living in Raleigh NC has become a popular goal for many people across the US. It is a desirable location for many due to our beautiful parks, green spaces and natural resources combined with a healthy job market and quality school system. Raleigh has been ranked the 3rd best quality of life in the world, #2 in the top 100 places to live, and #2 most family friendly city. It's no surprise that everyone is moving to Raleigh.

But it's hard to learn about a new city from far away. And once you move here, getting to know the area and finding the activities and lifestyle most meaningful to you can be overwhelming. 

My moving to Raleigh guide is designed to make that transition more organized and easier to access. Throughout these pages you'll find links, descriptions, video and opinion on some of the most popular amenities and attractions in the Triangle.