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Many people think all lenders are created equal. But that actually isn't true. Like any other business, lenders can be very good at what they do or they can make your purchasing process a misery. 

The most important aspects of a lender are:

  • Having a competent staff. Just like buying a house, borrowing funds to purchase a home is a large project. It takes a team to coordinate all the pieces needed to close a loan. And that better that team know each other and work together, responding to calls and emails in a time sensitive manner, the less likely you are to have problems with closing.
  • A good relationship with their underwriter. The underwriter is the person who scours through all those documents you send to the lender looking for discrepancies or red flags that give hints regarding whether the information is true and accurate. When the lender knows the underwriter well, s/he can anticipate things the underwriter might have concerns about and prepare the buyer in advance, saving time and hassle in the process. 

Parrish Register is a lender I have worked with frequently in the past. I met Parrish when a buyer client of mine was trying to purchase a historic home. The home needed quite a bit of work, including foundation work to repair termite damage uncovered during the inspection. 

A week before closing, the lender the buyer had originally been working with decided not to fund the loan. It was a horrible situation but Parrish was able to find an investor to fund the loan and get us closed in 11 days!! I have since done many successful transactions with Parrish. 

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