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Home Staging: 5 Products to Stage Like a Pro

By now most people are aware that home staging is a really valuable tool for helping a home to sell for the highest price. Buyers really like to feel like the home they are purchasing came off the set of HGTV. Staging helps us to help buyers realize their dream.

Let’s face it, styles change and we don’t all refresh our decor year by year. For much less than the stager’s fee, you can purchase a few small items that will make your home pop, will draw the eye away from anything unsightly and could make your home sell for thousands more!

Affiliate Link Disclosure: When appropriate this website contains affiliate links. That means that I will earn compensation if you purchase some items linked on these pages. As always in my business, I always have the best needs of my readers and clients in mind when I make recommendations.  

Home Staging: Bright Pillows

I always advise sellers to keep their decor relatively neutral. Buyers may have different color families than the seller and that could deter them from your property if there is a lot of painting or remodeling to do just for cosmetic purposes. 

But that doesn’t mean you want the home to be bare and boring. A little pop of color goes a long way and these stunning throw pillows give you just the right feel. Click on the images to find beautiful ways to incorporate Pantone’s color of the year [Living Coral] into your staging decor. These pillows work well with “greige” walls and turquoise is also a popular color this year.

If your walls are sporting the ever popular “greige” these pillows are a great way to connect it with this year’s coral. 

Home Staging: White Bath Towels

While a pop of color is great in the right place, when your home is on the market, bath linens should remain crisp, clean and white. I even recommend that you don’t actually use the towels while the home is on the market. You can store them in a little bin under your sink and take them out whenever a showing is scheduled. This 6 piece towel set is reasonably priced, has great reviews and could be used in a guest bathroom after your move, if you don’t want the hassle of keeping white linens white. 

Home Staging: HOME Vignette

Make your buyers or guests feel welcome with a HOME vignette. You can combine a HOME sign, a bundle of lavender and a pretty lantern to create a cozy corner someplace you want to draw the eye. If you have a pretty fireplace mantel that might be a good spot. 

Home Staging: White Bedspread

Again, fresh white linens give the feel of the home being clean and classic. And the white gives you a base to add some pops of color with pillows or greenery on the nightstands. Choose a basic white bedspread or comforter and be sure to have some extra pillows to give some elevation to the pillow shams. For some great visuals on how to arrange bed pillows see here

The classic white bedding options below are from Amazon. Click the images to go to their site. 

Home Staging: Greenery

There is nothing like greenery to make a home feel fresh and happy. Use these fun micro plants anywhere you need a pop of color…a sparse bathroom, countertop or table. They are cheaper to purchase in packs of four and you’ll have more to spread around.

Also, a larger ficus tree style plant can be used to highlight features of the home to draw attention to them, such as a beautiful fireplace. 

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