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steps to selling a home

Home Seller’s Timeline

I often get calls from sellers who want to list their home “next week” or even in two weeks, and don’t realize all the things that need to happen before their home goes on the market. It isn't surprising that this happens because sellers often believe that agents simply enter a home into the MLS and rake in a big paycheck for it. But the fact is, some agents know how to market a home (and spend the time and money to do it appropriately), and some don't know anything about marketing. Believe it or not, marketing isn't taught in real estate school. 

The best agents, who will get you the best price for your home in the least amount of time, know that the preparation and marketing done before the property is listed, directly impacts the quality of offers you will receive, the length of time your home will be on the market and ultimately your bottom line.

Giving the agent enough time to adequately prepare marketing materials & to run pre-listing advertisements and giving yourself enough time to perform the necessary cleaning, staging and preparations recommended by the agent and stager, will positively impact how much money you make on your sale.

10 Financial Moves

You Should Never Make

When buying a Home

Spend money you have set aside for closing

Originate inquiries into your credit - Don't apply for other loans!!

Change Bank Accounts

Omit Debts or Liabilities form Your Loan Application

Change Jobs, Become Self Employed, or Quit Your Job

Buy a Car, Truck, Van or Other Vehicle

Use Credit Cards Excessively or Let Accounts Fall Behind

Buy Furniture. I know you want it delivered on closing day, but wait until after closing or you may not close!

Make large deposits into your bank without first checking with your lender

Co-sign a loan for anyone

About the Author Ellen Pitts

Ellen is the founder of Harmony Realty, a socially conscious realty company. Ellen believes in empowering her clients through education and open communication. Ellen is a number-cruncher at heart and takes great pleasure in following and analyzing the trends of the housing industry. She loves communicating the big picture to her clients and helping them to understand how the market affects their sale or purchase. Her honest and down-to-earth approach allows her clients to make informed and intelligent decisions to get the most out of their offers and negotiations.

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