Fuquay-Varina Urban Farming

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In recent years, towns such as Fuquay-Varina, that were previously less amenable to urban farming have loosened up their regulations by allowing chickens within the city limits. There are still some regulations governing other types of livestock, but they are allowed in the city limits when adhering to the following rules:

Backyard Chickens

  • Chickens are allowed with a maximum of five hens per lot. For a full list of all regulations pertaining to chicken keeping (there are a lot), click here.


  • Bee hives may be kept unless they “interfere with the rights of citizens” or “otherwise constitute a public nuisance.” Public nuisance includes keeping bees in such a way to encourage multiple, unprovoked stings such as placing a hive in a public right-of-way. Keeping diseased or abandoned hives is also prohibited.

Goats, Sheep & Other Livestock

Livestock is generally not allowed in the city limits of Fuquay, except in very rare exceptions of a “bonafide farm” which is a class of properties protected by the state.


Horses are considered an exception to livestock and are permitted with the following rules.

  • Stables are only permitted on properties of 3 acres or more.
  • Stables must be setback 50 feet from property line and 100 feet from neighboring residences.

Urban Agriculture

  • Greenhouses and nurseries are allowed
  • Community gardens are allowed, but farm stands offering produce for sale are not.
  • Produce from community gardens may be sold at farmers markets and other public venues.

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