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Cary, NC Greenway Neighborhoods.

Would you love to climb out of bed in the morning and hit the Cary greenway for a walk or run? You can if you live in one of these fantastic neighborhoods with greenway access. Given Cary's plan to become a Walk Friendly Community, finding a great walkable neighborhood isn't difficult. Here are 8 that have access to the most popular greenways in Cary.

1. Scottish Hills

Scottish Hills is a subdivision in South Central Cary, between Maynard Road and Cary Parkway, along Lake Pine Road. The Annie Jones Greenway runs through the neighborhood connecting it to the Scottish Hills Recreation Club and the Annie Jones Park.

In addition to the greenways within Scottish Hills, there is also easy walking access to the Shoppes at Kildaire via the Kildaire Farm Greenway. There is a tunnel that goes underneath Kildaire Farm Road, so you don't need to cross the street. Shoppes at Kildaire is home to many great shops and restaurants, including...

And many other great options!

  Median days on Market: 5

scottish hills cary nc

Scottish Hills Stats

 Median Home Price: $272,000

Median Home Age: 1974

Most Homes Sell in: 5 days

Average Home Size: 1810 square feet

2. Oxxford Hunt

oxxford hunt cary nc

Image courtesy of Oxxford Hunt HOA

Oxxford Hunt is a planned community in central Cary consisting of 15 separate but connected neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are made up of single family homes, condos and townhomes. Neighborhood amenities include swimming pool and pavilion, tennis courts, clubhouse and playground.

Oxxford Hunt is situated right next door and walking distance to Cary's Bond Park. The Oxxford Hunt/Hoffman Lake Greenway runs through the subdivision and connects to the Bond Lake Trail. Bond Lake is the central hub to Cary's Greenway System, connecting both the Black Creek and White Oak Greenways, which are the longest in Cary.  This system will eventually connect to the East Coast Greenway, connecting the eastern United States, from Maine to Florida through a series of greenway systems. 

oxxford hunt cary nc

Image courtesy of Oxxford Hunt HOA

oxxford hunt cary nc

Image courtesy of Oxxford Hunt HOA

Oxxford Hunt Stats

 Median Home Price: $315,000

Median Home Age: 1989

Most Homes Sell in: 9 days

Average Home Size: 2178 square feet

3. Kildaire Farms

kildaire farms subdivision

Image courtesy of Kildaire Farms HOA

Kildaire Farms is a subdivision in the Heart of Cary. It was developed in the 1970's and was one of the first planned developments in Cary. Kildaire Farms amenities include, walking trails, recreation areas and streams. The Kildaire Racquet Club is on the property, and membership is on a voluntary basis. Like Oxxford Hunt, Kildaire Farms also has townhouse and single family homes.

Kildaire Farm is right next door to Scottish Hills and walkable shops and restaurants are the same.

Kildaire Farms Stats

 Median Home Price: $285,000

Median Home Age: 1981

Most Homes Sell in: 5 days

Average Home Size: 1936 square feet

4. Lochmere

Lochmere is a planned community in Cary, anchored by the Lochmere Golf Club and the Lakes, which gives the community it's name.This incredibly walkable community is a bit of a hidden gem. While it is filled with walking trails, the trails are not open to the public and you have to be a member of the community to get a map or accompanied by a community member to use the trails as well as the lakes.

lochmere Cary nc

One of the many Lochmere neighborhood trail entrances. Image courtesy Google Maps.

cary nc

Lochmere is walkable to many shops and restaurants. For more information, see my recent post 5 Reasons People Love Lochmere. Lochmere is also a Cary Green Neighborhood.

Lochmere Stats

 Median Home Price: $409,000

Median Home Age: 1991

Most Homes Sell in: 7 days

Average Home Size: 2944 square feet

5. Regency

cary nc

Regency Subdivision is made of up a group of 5 neighborhoods that share 2 community pools and community tennis courts. Regency is a Cary Green Neighborhood. 

Regency Subdivisions have direct access to Symphony Lake Greenway and the Swift Creek Greenway. The Swift Creek Greenway runs through the Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve and accesses Cary's  Ritter Park.

One of the best features of the Regency neighborhoods, is their close proximity to the Koka Booth Ampitheatre. Koka Booth hosts fantastic festivals and concerts every year, including the Chinese Lantern Festival each winter and Cary's Fourth of July Celebration. Being in easy walking access means no parking or traffic headaches at these popular events.

While sales primarily consist of new construction in recent years, with prices in the $400k-500k price point, there are older homes in the community ranging from $200k for older attached homes to over a million for estate homes.

symphony lake greenway cary nc

Regency Stats

 Median Home Price: $461,000

Median Home Age: 2011

Most Homes Sell in: 11 days

Average Home Size: 2872 square feet

6. Harrison Place

harrison place cary nc

Harrison Place is a subdivision in North Cary, on the Harrison Boulevard corridor. Harrison Place is a smaller subdivision that dead ends into the Black Creek Greenway, a comfortable walk to North Cary Park. The Black Creek Greenway is the  spine of the Cary Greenway System, and is over 7 miles long. It terminates at Bond Park. Bond Park is the hub of the greenway system and other trails are accessible at that point, such as White Oak Greenway, which is the second longest trail in Cary at 4 miles. Eventually, White Oak will connect to The American Tobacco Trail. Both Black Creek and White Oak are a part of the East Coast Greenway, which will eventually go from Maine to Florida.

7. Amberly

amberly cary nc

Images courtesy of Amberly PPM

Amberly is a planned subdivision in West Cary, made up of many different neighborhoods. The neighborhoods offer homes in various price points and include single family, townhouse and condominium home styles. Prices range from the mid-$200's to the $800,000's.

cary greenway

Image of Nancy Branch Greenway courtesy of Town of Cary

Amberly is a fairly large subdivision with multiple greenways throughout the area. Access to the Nancy Branch Greenway, Morris Branch Greenway, and the Amberly Lake Greenway are accesible to residents. Additionally, the American Tobacco Trail runs the length of the rear of the subdivision.

Amberly is also home to amazing amenities! Their resort style pool, clubhouse, gym and planned events make this a fantastic community to be a part of!

Amberly Stats

 Median Home Price: $390,500

Median Home Age: 2011

Most Homes Sell in: 11 days

Average Home Size: 2858 square feet

8. Wessex

wessex cary nc

Wessex, Cary NC

wessex cary nc

Wessex is a subdivision in North Cary, along the Harrison corridor. Homes in Wessex range from the $500,000's to the $700,000's. Wessex' location makes it an ideal spot for those who desire convenience to all the Triangle's best features. It is equidistant between downtown Durham and downtown Raleigh, just 20 minutes form each, and only 10 minutes from downtown Cary.

This walkable community allows easy walking or biking via greenways, paved walkways and off-road mountain bike trails to Umstead Park, North Cary Park and Lake Crabtree. If you want to enjoy dinner out on a beautiful evening, the Arboretum is also walking distance. 

wessex cary nc

Wessex, beautiful wooded neighborhood

Wessex has a full range of amenties, including, swimming pool, lighted tennis court, covered outdoor kitchen, playground and clubhouse.

Wessex Stats

 Median Home Price: $622,000

Median Home Age: 1996

Most Homes Sell in: 68 days

Average Home Size: 4370 square feet

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