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3 column image of three developments coming to raleigh 2023

3 MASSIVE Developments Coming to Raleigh in 2023

There is some really cool stuff happening in the Triangle in 2023!! I can’t wait to see some of these things materialize! One has been in the works for 19 years. It’s finally opening this year.

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pros and cons of raleigh with public transportation on the con side and baby goats on the pro side

The REAL Pros and Cons of Raleigh

Pros and Cons of Raleigh Over the last couple weeks I have received a few comments from people who moved to Raleigh recently and hate it and are now moving back to where they came from. There are definitely

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somber face thinking about the 2023 raleigh housing market. sign says Crisis ahead. Lightening and fire engulf a house.

2023 Raleigh Housing Market: Boom or Bust?

I saw one of the biggest shocks of the year when I read this headline. Raleigh housing market sinks to 74th in 2023 outlook. That is a 50 point drop from last year. And then a totally different group

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two pictures of the same house: holly springs then and now. 350k then 950k now for the same house.

Is Holly Springs Still Worth it?

How did Holly Springs overtake Cary and Chapel Hill as the most expensive town in the Triangle? And more importantly, can that growth be sustained? Is Holly Springs worth it now that it’s no longer the

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Housing Market Crash….or Fizzle?

Remember a few videos ago I told you that there were a few things we needed to watch for so we would know when a shift in the booming housing market was happening? Well I’m definitely seeing some

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raleigh locals

What Locals REALLY Think About Living in Raleigh

Last week I spent some time in some of the most popular Raleigh hangouts, asking people what they love about living in Raleigh. And because you know…I’m kind of a straight shooter, I also

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