About Harmony Realty - Harmony Realty Triangle

A Different Approach to Real Estate in the Triangle...

In 2015, Ellen Pitts founded Harmony Realty. With a desire to act as a consultant rather than simply facilitating transactions, the Harmony brand means trust. You can trust us to know the market and to remain familiar with best-practices as they evolve to meet the changing market, to advise you with integrity and to always keep your best interests at heart, even if it doesn't benefit us in the short term. After all, your good opinion of us is worth more than any single transaction. It's our best long term investment.

Ellen decided to affiliate with the Fathom Realty brokerage because their servant leadership and community service model closely models the things that are important to her in a real estate brand. And the fact that they have been an Inc 500 Company for the last 4 years made it a no-brainer. Financially sound and committed to careful growth, Fathom is a company to watch!

Harmony Realty Values

Integrity  - We treat others the way we would want to be treated. Your good opinion, and your willingness to recommend us to your friends and family, are more valuable to us than "closing the deal" as quickly as possible. We want you to have the right house for you at the right time for you.

Empathy - Putting ourselves in your shoes, imagining how the transaction must feel to you allows us to give you the guidance and support you need. All our clients feel supported in different ways. Some need data, some need compassion, some need more guidance, some want less. Understanding your needs, allows us to meet them. We strive to always understand.

Intelligent Consultation - But it isn't enough to consult with integrity and understanding. Most buyers and sellers are making the biggest financial transaction of their lives. They depend on their agent to know the market, to be knowledgable of their contracts and to understand the ramifications of the decisions made when entering into those contracts, and to be master negotiators. Being a Realtor is more than driving around in a car opening doors for people to see homes. It's a skill and a craft. When we're not with clients, we hone these skills relentlessly by reading real estate trends, staying up to date on market statistics and practicing debating the contract.

When you’re ready to speak to a professional, we are available for consultation via phone, text or email, whatever is most convenient for you. If you would like to know a little bit more about Ellen, click here.

Contact us anytime! We’ll answer your questions, no strings attached!

I originally sought out Ellen because of her wealth of knowledge about the area. She was responsive right away and helped us hit the ground running within days. She educated us about the real estate market here and each of the steps in the process of buying a house, since we were first time home buyers. I felt comfortable to send a quick text about a potential home or to ask a question at any time of day (within reason, of course) and Ellen always responded quickly. She always had a positive attitude and steered us in the right direction. She also kept our spirits up when we lost a bid or two in this tough market and gave us hope our house was out there, and it was! We closed a little over a week ago, thank you Ellen!

Todd & Erika