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5 Best Bakeries in Cary, NC

For Thanksgiving this year I needed a bakery that could handle a large number of pies, as I was giving them as gifts to former clients of mine. While I figured out which bakery to use, I did lots of research of the options for bakeries in Cary and I realized there were some great ones out there that offered some really interesting and unique baked goods! The following bakeries all offer a little something different, but they are all known for their quality products and friendly service.

Once in a Blue Moon is a downtown Cary GEM! It is tucked away in Ashworth's Village, right in the heart of downtown, Academy and Chatham Street. This older part of Cary has such a charming feel! 

Once in a Blue Moon is known for their custom designed wedding and occasion cakes, but they also have amazing pies, pastries, cookies and a full lunch menu! They can accommodate business meetings, and they are super nice people! 

bakeries in cary nc, once in a blue moon bakery

Images courtesy of Once in a Blue Moon Bakery

bakeries in cary nc, once in a blue moon bakery

Bakeries in Cary: La Michoacana Bakery

La Michoacana Bakery is an authentic Mexican Bakery in Central Cary. They are located next to Brueggers at the intersection of Maynard and Kildaire Farms Road. La Michaocana serves Mexican style breads, cakes and pastries, including their popular Tres Leche cake.  They also carry a line of Mexican groceries and dry goods in the store. 

Bakeries in Cary: Annelore's German Bakery

Another downtown Cary favorite, Annelore's serves traditional German baked goods, both savory and sweet. A Christmastime favorite, Pfeffernüsse, is a German frosted gingerbread cookie, is available now at Annelore's!

bakeries in cary nc, annelores german bakery

Image courtesy of Annelore's Bakery

Bakeries in Cary: Crema Bakery & Espresso Bar

Crema is located in West Cary at the intersection of High House and Davis Drive. Their coffee is all roasted on site. Crema is well loved for their artisan style bakery items and their talented and artistic baristas.

crema coffee, bakeries in cary nc

Image courtesy of Crema Coffee

Bakeries in Cary: Utica Bakery

I have heard about this bakery over and over again in the Facebook groups, mostly from people who relocated here from New York. Being a child of New Yorkers, but not from there myself, I can really relate to the connection of New Yorkers to their food. And Utica Bakery has it. This authentic Italian bakery was founded by a native of Utica, New York, a city with a strong Italian immigrant influence. 

The bakery serves all the classics, from black and white cookies to Pastaciotti, a custard filled tart.

Due to the incredible popularity of this start-up, Utica is currently closed while they relocate to a larger space. Stay tuned and follow their Facebook page for updates on their grand opening.

utica bakery cary, bakeries in cary nc

Images courtesy of Utica Bakery

utica bakery cary nc, bakeries in cary nc

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