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4 Ways to add Fall Flair before Thanksgiving

Do you decorate for fall? I have become more of a fall decorator over the years. I didn’t used to be. But as my home as gotten more organized, and I genuinely have places for everything, I don’t mind an extra bin or two to bring in a little seasonal festivity.

Fall Kitchen Linens

Freshening up the kitchen with new tea towels is a nice way to bring in the season. You wouldn’t think a few small towels would be a big deal, but for some reason, colorful towels really make me happy.

Fall Table Centerpiece

We don’t keep a centerpiece on the table year round. In the summer I really like fresh cut flowers on the table, so we’ll usually have a simple vase. But in the fall, I like to have a centerpiece. I love both of these.

I particularly like the faux candles. They give such a nice warm ambience, without the concerns of an open flame.

This would be super cute on a smaller table, like in a breakfast room.

Fall Decor: Front Door

I LOVE a seasonal wreath on my front door. We actually have a storm door so I have had to try different wreaths to find one that fits. I actually found instructions on Martha Stewart for making a pine cone wreath. It turned out beautifully, and looked amazing but because of the storm door, it wouldn’t fit with the storm door closed. So it’s hanging in my gazebo. (pic below.)

This is a bit smaller than a wreath but looks like it might work if you have a storm door.

Fall Porch Decor

I really like whimsical signs outdoors. Or indoors. Doesn’t really matter. I think these would look adorable on a screened porch or gazebo.

This can really go indoors or outdoors. It would look cute over a fireplace.

Are you looking for a warm delicious fall meal to enjoy with this cool weather? Try my Chicken Pot Pie Soup!

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